True Iconic Show CAT Bath MEOW

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· Natural premium ingredients
· Clarifying
· Deodorizing
· Gentle general cleaning
· Energizes & revitalizes
· Safe for all colors
· Brightens coat
· Kittens safe  

SAFE for All Skin Type
SAFE for All Coat Type
SAFE for All Breed
SAFE for All Colours
SAFE for All Climate (Humid or Dry)

A specially formulated Shampoo from the USA. Rich in conditioners, which cleanses thoroughly without stripping or softening. Rinses out quickly and completely to leave a sparkling and residue-free coat. The unique breakthrough formula of True Iconic  Show Cat Bath greatly reduces mats and tangles because only the excess oil and dirt are removed not the natural oil. Safe and  gentle  enough to be used every day. Also safe for sensitive skins and coats, like  kittens, lactating cats.
True Iconic Cath Bath contains all natural, healthy ingredients and contains no alcohol, oil or silicones which adversely affect skin and hair. Will not affect the natural color or texture of skin and coat. 

Direction of applications:
Shampoo Dilution for  normal skin is 1: 5 parts water.

If sensitive/ allergic cat 1:8 -10  parts of water
Note: Shampoo is without much bubbles, but cleans very wellNo animal extract and No added salt  (NaCi) Sodium Chloride or Coloring Dyes. 


True Iconic Show CAT Bath MEOW

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