Alpha Animals holding manages the exclusive premium brands Pure Paws, Happy Wrappy and Magical Touch. We supply to other distributors, salons and resellers. As a reseller of Alpha Animals may carry all these brands. We are always looking for resellers and salons that carry our brands want. We also offer the opportunity to our formula as a franchisee may enter.

We work with various client groups Breeders and Wholesale. For businesses, we offer 15% discount on all your purchases at Alpha Animals f the brands Pure Paws, Magical Touch and Happy Wrappy owith no minimum purchase. On other products, no discount unless specifically stated. The discount is automatically deducted at checkout with the total amount.

Condition is that when creating your account, you have a valid business tax nr. which is from a relevant business. Relevant business is a groomer, grooming school, dog bed / shelter, vet, animals (web) shop. We will check this VAT on the basis of the company information and EU VAT control system. If this is correct then in the corresponding customer will be put in the discount group of wholesale and you can enjoy the 15% discount.

If you are interested in the brands of Alpha Animals to resell, we have separate pricelists at ordersizes of a minimum 1000 euro ex. VAT and higher discount for ordersizes of minimum 2500 euro ex vat.

If you are interested please contact us at[email protected]

The Alpha Animals grooming salons comparison 
Alpha Animals works with Pure Paws and Magical Touch products because they give the best results. Below is shown what the benefits are for your customers and for you, both visible on the dog on short-and long-term and in your wallet!
Pure Paws: best ingredients = best results
This is not just a slogan invented by an advertising agency. Pure Paws products contain high quality nutrients for skin and coat with a fantastic result in the short term, but more importantly in the long run to keep the coat and skin in the best condition. The ingredients used in Pure Paws products are more expensive to produce, and a lot of budget is spent on the development of improved products. This is the reason that the Pure Paws purchase products are slightly more expensive than one shampoo with cheap ingredients with a lesser results.
The main advantages of Pure Paws:
  • Mainly natural ingredients, so even dogs (and people) with allergies can use the products;
  • No harmful enzymes;
  • No harmful peroxides, that damage in the long-term very much;
  • Correct acid / base levels;
  • Composition of ingredients that are mutually reinforcing;
  • Ease of use for both in the salon as with show dogs;
  • Developed by groomers, handlers and chemists;
  • Continuous ambition to deliver the best products on the market.
Magical Touch
Magical Touch was developed by two handlers and breeders of American Eskimo Dogs with over 30+ years combined experience. After being distributors for a number of larger brands they decided to produce an own line for even better results. This has resulted in the development of Magical Touch products. The mainly products are additives to the shampoo, conditioner or sprays and specifically for show dogs and / or salon use. As an example the Magical Touch Silk Ultra prevents tangles and can shorten the drying time with 50%!
The main advantages of Magical Touch:
  • Additives to even improve the results of other products;
  • Mainly natural ingredients;
  • No harmful chemicals;
  • Continuous development to improve the products even more; 
  • Products that makes grooming easier and faster with a much better result.

What about the finances?

Frequently heard comment about Pure Paws and Magical Touch products are that they are slightly more expensive to buy than a random mass shampoo. But is it really expensive? Besides the better results with the products (which will result in higher customer satisfaction which makes customers come back earlier) are there also financial benefits to Pure Paws and Magical Touch?
The financial comparison
Below is a comparison of costs and benefits from a study at five different grooming salons which have used Pure Paws and Magical Touch over a period of seven months. We take as an example a Bearded Collie with a full treatment of washing, drying, scissoring, cleaning ears, nails, etcetera that takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours.
  • Hourly rate groomer, housing, materials, etc. In this example is also taken into account personnel costs, housing, facilities, energy and water, etc. for a groomer with a 32-hour workweek;
  • The costs for Pure Paws concerns the special grooming price;
  • Save up to 30% on drying;
  • Save up to 50% on product required (up to 75% with a pump system, including water consumption);
  • The amounts are conservative and taken on an average salon.
This calculation shows it is undisputed that it pays to invest in products that ease grooming and shortens the treatment time. This will cost you a few extra euros when buying, but pays off up to € 4.86 extra per dog! Also, there is more time to save and ease with the use of the following additives.
Also important:
  • Your scissors and other tools will not be affected as with the use of other aggressive products;
  • Groomers and dogs with allergies have little or no reaction to the Alpha Animals products which offers you a new market through your local veterinarian;
  • The products smell great, even three weeks after washing. So no need to use perfume after grooming.
In conclusion, the products Alpha Animals carries have the highest price-quality ratio. You save up to almost € 8 on costs per dog! This means with grooming an average of 4 dogs a day, you can save up to € 32. You can also ask a higher price per treatment because your customers will experience the difference making a higher price justified. Alpha Animals is there to help you with to also achieve a better financial success!
Alpha Animals reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to make changes to the Wholesale Program.


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