True Iconic S5 Serum

The latest innovation coming from True Iconic is Serum S5. It is a powerful serum which


The latest innovation coming from True Iconic is Serum S5. It is a powerful serum which can also be used for show grooming and is suitable for all breeds. In the name of Serum S5 we highlighted its main features, eg. Sleek, Shine, Solution, Smooth and Strengthen. You can use it on the coat as well as on the skin. Serum S5 prevents fly away, frizzy hair and does not make coat or skin greasy like oil. Can be used on coated and naked breeds. 


Another unique feature for a Serum is that it contains NO silicones. Since the development of the first True Iconic products, it has has been one of our requirements developing innovative formulas that they will not contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, salts and silicones. Not without a reason all True Iconic are bio-degradable.


Silicones do not actually benefit the hair in any way. Silicones only give the “appearance” of healthier hair. In middle long - and especially in the long run silicones, both non- and water soluble silicones, will damage hair and skin. Non soluble in a way suffocates the hair shafts. Resulting into dry, frizzy and sticky hair (and skin!). Even worse is that the only way to get these out are with very harsh shampoos, which results in more damage. The water soluble silicones give less of the desired effect of the non-soluble silicones, even though they are less damaging. However because they are still damaging and we can create better results with other ingredients based on Vitamins B, C and E, we chose to bypass silicones. Serum S5 for this reason doesn't need to be washed out and can be safely used on dog shows. 

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