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21-22 June litorize CZ
22 June Uden NL
19.-20. july Mlada Boleslav CZ
24-27 July Split CR
7-11 August World Dog Show Helsinki, FI
30-31 August Lxembourg LU
30-31 August Mlada Boleslav CZ
6-7 September Benelux Winner Rotterdam NL
27-28 september Groomania BE 
27-28 september Maastricht NL
23-26 October Euro Dog Show Brno CZ
13-14 December  Winner Amsterdam, NL
 More seminars to be planned! Stay tuned


So you think you can groom? Sure you can!
Show your skills and win multiple True Iconic prizes!
At Alpha Animals we learn a lot from our customers and have the philosophy to learn from each other. That is why we like you to show your grooming skills on video and you can win True Iconic prizes! What you should do.
1. Make a video while you are grooming your favorite breed with True Iconic.
a. You can add commenting in English or just put favorite music along. 
b. Use a camera or your phone (on the side please)
c. Tip! Make use of Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for Mac to edit.
d. Video must be 3 minutes long at least. 
2. When finished, upload your video on under name of:
a. “Grooming <your breed> with True Iconic by <your name>”
3. Upload your video on your Facebook page and link it to the Alpha Animals Facebook page
4. Make sure you get as many likes possible. 
*This competition will run until the September 1st 2014. The video with the most likes win. All submitted video´s will become part of the True Iconic grooming demo series!
You can submit a grooming video of your dog, but also of your cat or horse!
You can order your free samples at: only shipping costs to you applies. Or you can ask your local vendor/distributor to supply you with samples.
What you can win
All grooming levels are free to enter, so not for professionals only.
The WINNER of the competition will receive all products used in the grooming video in gallon sizes, an apron and a TRUE ICONIC Summer show tent shipped to you (no matter where you live in the world). All in all the FIRST prize is worth around € 610 Euro’s!
The SECOND and THIRD place winners will receive all products used in the grooming video in regular sizes and an apron shipped to you (no matter where you live in the world). These prizes are worth around € 137 Euro’s each!
Feel free to invite our friends and share this competition.
Have fun and show the world what you got! 








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