Draminski is recognized manufacturer of high-quality, high-tech electronic equipment in portabel diagnostic products! Suitable for dogs, cats and cattle. This products are sent secured and has a delivery time of 2 weeks.

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DRAMINSKI – is a recognized manufacturer of high-quality, high-tech electronic equipments for professionals from dog industry, especially dog breeders and also veterinarians.
We are one of the leaders in the field of compact and mobile ultrasonography in the World and the biggest provider of dog ovulation detectors.
For 22 years we have been specializing in innovative product development, manufacture and sales throughout all continents.
The founder and owner of the company is Janusz Dramiński, who with the support of many family members including his son Thomas Dramiński an electronic engineer, who designed the electronic systems for the first devices, highly successful and dynamic company development has been achieved.


  • 1987 Start of comapany and domestic sales.
  • 1992 First participation in an agricultural fair in Brussels AGRIBEX. (Commencement of regular presence at
  • World international exhibitions and market research abroad).
  • 1990 Expansion of the export of product equipment and extension of the distribution network.
  • 1998 First website launched with the Draminski brand promoted throughout the World.
  • 2003 Awarded the European Medal by the Business Center Club for “small, battery charged, portable ultrasound scanner with LCD monitor pregnancy diagnosis in small and large animals”
  • April 2004 ISO 9001:2000 certificate awarded for the design, manufacture, sales, maintenance of electronic equipment for agriculture, agro-food industry and veterinary (including ultrasonography).
  • May 2004 Improvment of the functioning of the company related to the Polish access to the European Union and expansion into new World markets.
  • March 2008 Acquisition of the title, “Warmia – Mazury Leader of Innovation 2007


DRAMIŃSKI Leader in the development of innovative technologies and devices in medicine, veterinary and agricultural sectors.
DRAMIŃSKI Recognizable brand on all continents.
DRAMIŃSKI Reputation for quality, reliability and precision.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of modern electronic equipment used in dog industry (dog ovulation detektor, Dog Scan ultrasound, Sontrace) agriculture (grain moisture meters) and grain processing (NIR Analyzer), veterinary (portable ultrasonography) animal farming (pregnancy detectors, heat, mastitis detectors), and also – medicine (medical ultrasonography).

Draminski products are used by:

  • Veterinarians
  • Breeders of cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and dogs
  • Agricultural producers
  • Grain processing companies
  • Collections of grain
  • Human medicine specialists

Equipment designed and produced in Draminski is currently exported to 53 countries in all continents from South America to Asia. We have thousands of satisfied customers, whose numbers keep growing via recommendation. Dramiński participates in many renowned trade events and fairs, conferences and practical training events – both in Poland and throughout the World.

Distributor Chain - Draminski - Recognizable brand on all continents.


Ongoing co-operation with prestigious research centers and scientists throughout the World provides the understanding, use and implementation of our instruments ahead of the expectations of our customers.
As a result of our commitment to quality, our production plans comply to the most advanced technologies, combining modernity with experience to deliver superior products and excellent service to our customers.

Technical service

The main principle in our manufacturing process is to maintain the highest quality and thus to provide maximum lifetime efficiency of the offered equipment.

DRAMIŃSKI Company provides fast and efficient service for our clients in the guarantee period (pursuant to the entry on guarantee card) and offers open-ended post-guarantee service, including modernisation of equipment. We guarantee delivery of service within 48 hours from the receipt of shipment.

In case the exploited equipment needs to be serviced, we offer the simplest way and the lowest costs.
Please send the equipment to DRAMIŃSKI Company via post (upon confirmation of receipt) to the following address:

ul. Owocowa 17
10-860 Olsztyn


Only then may you be confident that the equipment reaches its destination without problems. After service, the equipment will be sent to the address provided.

Yet it is not always necessary to send the used equipment. A short telephone conversation may be enough to convey a number of remarks to our servicemen. Many causes of temporary problems may be resolved via telephone. Should you have any questions or doubts, we await your comments on telephone number: +48 89 527 11 30.

As a manufacturer, we are always at the disposal of our equipment users.


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