3-day Grooming & Handling workshops by Saul Romero & Arlene Muzquiz

Alpha Animals is working on a 3-day Grooming & Handling workshop depending on the number of participants.

The workshop will be hosted by Alpha Animals and the speakers and tutors will be: 
  • Mr. Saul Romero top handler and groomer (www.saulromero.com) from the U.S.; 
  • Ms. Arlene Muzquiz CEO / Founder of Pure Paws Inc.

Previous workshops Grooming & Handling were in: USA, Europe (Romania, Hungary, France, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia and Mexico. 

The day will consist of theory, practice and handling classes. Topics will be:
  • Grooming your dog for show days;
  • Maintaining your dog between shows; 
  • Safety techniques when grooming both in the tub and on the table. 
See how the professionals work with their tools of the trade: brushes + combs + stripping tools and more.
Discover their secrets of finishing work like: +trimming +scissoring +top knots +ironing, make-up, coloring, chalking and so much more!

You must bring your own tools, your groom table, not to mention your dog. The needed Pure Paws shampoo, conditioner and other products will be provided by Alpha Animals. 
Also included is lunch for all three days and depending on your dog's coat type the corresponding Pure Paws line of shampoo, conditioner and spray finish. 

Currently we are busy with the final details. Once these are known it will be announced. You can pre-register by email to make sure you have a spot. Be quick, because there are limited places!
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