The Alpha Animals collection includes complete sets of leash and collar. You will find extensive choices in materials, colors and jewelry. All sets in the collections are of Alpha Animals familiar high quality and entirely hand-made especially for you and your dog! Within the collections you can choose from 4 different styles:

 - Casuals: Sets designed by minimalistic and simple design.
- Elegant: Sets that are designed with a more elegant look that gives a distinctive addition to the presentation of your dog.
- Glamour: These sets are exclusive in design and include a lot of handcrafting. Furthermore only 3 of these designs will be made in the world and only 1 per country will be sold.
- Alpha Royale: These sets are unique and exclusive. In terms of materials and design. The Alpha Royale sets are 1 piece items so designed and handcraftred once. Buying from this collection guarantees you will have a collectors item!

If you prefer even more choices? Look for opportunities to order your own design in the Tailor Made product category.
Showleashes: These designs are leashes only. Nice to combine with other designs of collars like the Snake Show Chains.
Snake Show Chains: These collars have a unique design of a snake skin. Available silver and gold colored.  

For stronger and bigger dogs outside the show we have the Walking collection. The collars, leashes and sets are braided material which is very solid and durable. Available in different colors and with different jewelry. 


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