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Alpha Animals, state-of-the-art animal products. Who we love, deserves the best!
  -  Designer clothing, collars and leashes
  -  World's best grooming products
  -  Specialized dog products
The founder of Alpha Animals is Christine Cha Young. Out of her passion for design, art and animals she started Alpha Animals.
The development: Alpha Animals for all your animal needs
Already within a few months Alpha Animals welcomed her first expansion. Alpha Animals is divided in Alpha Animals Design and Alpha Animals Mega Pet Store. The website which you are paying a visit right now delivers you unique and exclusive design products for animals. Everything else you need for your animals was available on AlphaAnimals.nl. Due to collaboration with the biggest animal wholesaler in the Netherlands Alpha Animals Mega Pet Store could not only deliver thousands of different products, but also for a great price. After a successful year we noticed it would be better to solely focus on our specialization of state-of-the-art animal products and we said goodbye to the Mega Pet Store.   

The establishment  
Since her childhood Christine Cha Young is crazy in love with animals. She was raised on the paradise island of Aruba having dogs, chicken, pigs, goats and more animals at home. Out of this love for animals she was raised she now has two Chinese Crested, a Jack Russell/Mini Pincher mix and an American Bulldog walking around at home.
Her creative talent was also developing extremely well in her childhood years. She already exposed and sold her first paintings while being only sixteen years old.  After a modeling career in the US she left to the Netherlands to study art. This ended with the opening of her art gallery. However her commercial talents developed so well that she started studying marketing and got working in managerial roles. After getting her MBA degree the idea was born for Alpha Animals.

In the search of finding suitable and durable designer showleads for the Chinese Crested dogs Christine decided to make some of her own. As she couldn't find any proper ones. Not only Christine liked her designs but also friends from the dogs world asked to produce some for them. So Alpha Animals was brought to life.



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