True Iconic MEOW Volume Up Cat Bath 400ml

 True Iconic MEOW Volume Up Cat Bath Shampoo

Adds density and volume by strengthening the hair shaft at the molecular level

Proteins thicken and strengthen each hair

Contains Green Tea Extract as anti-oxidant

Suitable for cats


True Iconic MEOW Volume Up Cat Bath Shampoo 400ml

Volume Up Shampoo has a unique blend of proteins that thickens the coat and adds density and volume to each hair shaft while gently cleansing. What the proteins do is attach themselves to the individual stands of hair, increasing the diameter of each hair shaft which adds to a a full, rich and denser look of the coat. The proteins strengthen damaged hair by connecting and sealing broken protein bonds. The coat is restructured at the moleculair level leaving it stronger and Volume Up loaded. Meow Volume Up Shampoo also contains Green Tea Extract which has long been recognised as an anti-oxidant which also can protect the skin against environmental damage. 


 Use warm water, wet pet's coat thoroughly and apply the Meow Volume Up Shampoo.

 Massage thoroughly into coat and skin.

 Allow to remain on cat for at least 2-3 minutes.

 Rinse out completely and towel dry.

 Repeat as needed.

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