True Iconic MEOW Tropic Degrease Shampoo 400ml

 True Iconic MEOW Tropic Shampoo

Ultimate degreaser

Hard for dirt and leaves the coat shiny

Can be added to other Meow shampoos

Suitable for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies from 12 weeks


True Iconic MEOW Tropic Degrease Shampoo 400ml

The Meow Tropic Shampoo is an ultimate formula degreaser specially formulated to tackle the toughest, hard to remove dirt. This amazing shampoo deep cleans coats, leaving them grease-free and full of body shine. Nothing rids coats of greasy grime and oily residue better than Meow Tropic formula degreaser. Use alone or in combination with the MEOW range to keep coats ultra clean and healthy. Tropic Shampoo is a non-toxic formula which can also be added to any of our other Meow shampoos to give it a super cleaning boost. Safe for use on Cats, Kittens, Dogs and puppies 12 weeks and older.


 Use warm water, wet pet's coat thoroughly and apply the Meow Tropic shampoo.

 Massage thoroughly into coat and skin, beginning at the head and working back towards the tail.

 Allow to remain on cat for several minutes.

 Rinse out completely and towel dry.

 Repeat as needed.

 For extra problem areas apply full strength to wet or dry coat.

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