True Iconic MEOW Show Plus Bath Galon

 True Iconic MEOW Show Plus Cat & Kitten Shampoo with licorice extract

 Soothes itching
 Works anti-inflammatory


 Does not extract the natural oils from the skin

 Suitable for cats and kittens


True Iconic MEOW Show Plus Cat & Kitten Bath Shampoo with Licorice Extract 400ml

Show Plus consists of useful active ingredients which gently cleanse the cat and kittens skin and fur. The Licorice Root Extract ingredient helps to reduce itchiness and dry skin. This also contributes to a smooth coat and fur and a healthy skin. MEOW Show Plus with Licorice Root Extract works as a natural anti-inflammatory to soothe allergies. It also soothes itchy kitties with allergies. Its moisturizing properties ensure that your cat feels fresh and clean during and after the bath. The shampoo will not extract natural oils which are essential for your cat's skin. It provides your cat's skin with the required amount of vitamins and nutrients which contributes to a good health. The True Iconic MEOW Show Plus Cat & Kitten shampoo is suitable for all cat breeds and kittens. 


 Use warm water, wet pet's coat thoroughly and apply the Meow Show Plus shampoo.

 Massage lather dep into coat and skin.

 Allow to remain on cat for several minutes.

 Rinse out completely and towel dry.

 Repeat as needed.

 Safe for frequent use. 

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