True Iconic MEOW Care Plus Conditioner 400ml

 True Iconic MEOW Volume Up Cat Bath Shampoo

Especially for cats that require soft, fluffy and thicker coats

Proteins thicken and strengthen each hair

Contains Lavender Extract for hydration and fragrant

Maintains the proper texture, helps to repel dirt, anti-static and gives shine

Makes the coat more manageable.

Suitable for cats


True Iconic MEOW Care Plus Conditioner 400ml

Care Plus Conditioner has a unique blend of proteins that thickens the coat and adds density and volume to each hair shaft. Especially recommended for cat breeds which require fluffy, soft and thicker coats. Meow Care Plus Conditioner contains lavender extract which promotes moisture and deodorising, contains freshen and calming properties as well an array of soothing skin and fur benefits. The Care Plus Conditioner maintains proper texture, enhances volume, helps repel dirt, works anti-static, adds shine and making the coat more manageable. 


 First use a MEOW Shampoo

 Dilute 2 table spoons with 1 liter warm water

 Work into coat until saturated paying special attention to ends and trouble spots.

 Use additional conditioner as needed. Coat should be left with a slick not oily feeling while wet.

 For extremely dry or damaged coats, apply conditoner full strength and leave in for 5 minutes. 

 Rinse out and towel dry.

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