ALMAZ ALMA WATER spray 300ml

Alma Water = Coat & Skin Care


Alma Water = coat- and skin care

  • Alma Water is alkaline pH12.5 and works anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and against eczema.  
  • The non-chemical Alma Water gives moisture to the coat and skin because of its lower surface tension than water. Safe to penetrate into the skin because it does not degrade the membrane protein.
  • Alma Water eliminates the true odor, eliminating without masking agents like perfume.
  • Alma Water does not contain chemicals, dirt and lipids will be peeled off comparable by the action of static electricity. However it is just the action as it also work anti-static on hair.

The Alma Water does not irritate the skin even though the Alma Water is alkaline pH12.5. The Alma Water becomes slightly acidic pH5.6 at the moment you touch the skin.Even alkalophilic bacteria cannot live over pH10.5. Environment can keep away bacteria from developing for long hours.

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