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Alpha Animals, love your pet!

  • Premium quality grooming
  • Specialized dog products
  • Designer collars and show leashes


The founder and director of Alpha Animals is Christine Cha Young. From her passion for animals, design and quality she started Alpha Animals.


Alpha Animals was founded in 2009 to meet the need of exclusive, yet functional design collars and show lines. This need arose from the showing Chinese Crested dogs. What soon followed from enthusiastic customers was a demand for more specific high-quality products for grooming, keeping and breeding (show-) dogs and cats. Thus, the product range has been expanded with the main requirements of unique and high quality products.


What followed was a high demand for better grooming products. We received feedback that many grooming products have long been the same without development and usually the formulas were based were on human shampoos. Meaning the wrong pH values for dogs and cats.


After the successful introduction in 2011 of a US grooming products line we decided in 2013 to develop a line grooming products without having to make concessions. The production and development of products are in-house, so we can guarantee pure and high-quality ingredients. Another starting point for the development of the True Iconic products is that it must be easy to use and the grooming routine may not exist of too many different products. We want to make high quality products accessible for a larger group of people. So products that prove themselves and not the marketing.


In addition to a further development of True Iconic products, the future promises more high quality products and services for the dog and cat lover.