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Alpha Animals stands for a high quality, honest and sustainable product with a fair price.


True Iconic


We regularly get questions why True Iconic works so well ...


True Iconic works so well because of the best ingredients, in the best combinations and from the purest quality. We also list the ingredients on our products. We design our products under the motto of quality over quantity. Unfortunately, too often the opposite is chosen by other cosmetics brands because it is cheaper for them, because with them profitability is number one.

We, the people behind True Iconic, are passionate lovers of our animals and want the best for them without making concessions to the products. For professional users of True Iconic in the salon, dog hotel or the vet we find it important that the ingredients are not harmful to animals and people with allergies or a weaker health.


Number two on our list of important features is its ease of use. Practice makes perfect, but we think that you do not need to have a grooming degree to use the True Iconic products. Obviously you get more knowledge and skills as you use it more often on different breeds and coat types.


Thirdly, we are transparent. Not only by being open about the ingredients, but also to offer a fair price. The products are extract, and therefore can be diluted. Also, you will not need to use many different products to achieve a good result. Another big benefit is that True Iconic will save you time washing, detangling and blow drying. We tell you the honest story and don´t use marketing to conceal any shortcomings or to make us look better.


Show Leashes and collars

Alpha Animals Design delivers an exclusive craftsmanship and not a standard mass factory show line. Our philosophy is that every product should be a piece of art appropriate for your pet. From our craftsmanship all our show lines are designed and manufactured based on their own designs.
The quality of our show lines not only comes from our designs but also from the raw materials. Our raw materials are sourced globally from specialists like Alpha Animals. Thus, we make use of Belgian cow leather, Swarovski crystal, Czech blown glass and a special cord developed for space agency NASA.


From breeding to health
Other top products that we want to emphasize extra here are those of Draminski. A top product for diagnostic ultrasound in pregnancy from dog to horse. By determining  the right ovulation moment for mating up to the optimizing milk production. Great for breeders, veterinarians and farmers.