ALMAZ Set Diamond & Crystal

The Alma Starter Kit has 1 Alma Crystal and 1 Alma Diamond.


Alma Diamond + Crystal = dental care

  • Contains more than 70 types of marine minerals, including 16 types of all the essential minerals needed to survive.
  • High purity ultra-fine particles for a gentle dental cleaning without any damage
  • Oral pH of dog is pH8.5 ~ pH9.0 alkaline. Bacteria can still develop and survive in pH10.5.
  • The effect of the high-function electrolyzed deoxidized and ionized Diamond gel of pH12.5 is strong sterilization and antibacterial.
  • The Alma Crystal will create an oral environment in which bacteria cannot breed.
  • Crystal peels off the dirt such as tartar, plaque etc. from the enamel surface of the teeth since they repel each other when the ALMA CRYSTAL covers them with negative ions
  • Crystal has the same cleaning effects as Alma Water, so anti-bacterial and anti-fungus
  • Contains no surfactants or preservatives, so safe to use

Use Alma Crystal everyday after caring with the Alma Diamond. 

The Alma Diamond (pH12.5) is safe and easy to apply and stick fast and well to teeth and can remove tartar, plaque easily in 1 - 3 minutes (depends on the symptoms). The bio coral micro powder from Okinawa has a whitening effect and gives mineral and calcium as the dental supplement for pets.

The Alma Crystal (pH12.5) is safe and easy to spray to teeth directly and evenlly. 
Alkalophilic bacteria cannot live over pH11 and the environment can keep away bacteria from developing for long hours.

Brushing teeth with the Alma Crystal can prevent tartar, plaque and help fight cavities. 

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