Selecting shears is one of the most important decisions a groomer has to make. Which shear you select has a major impact on the speed and quality of your work, on the health of your hands, and on your wallet!


Here are a few facts to help you make the right choice. There are really only 3 types of shears: straight, curved and thinning.


Groomers commonly use straight shears. They come in lengths from 10-25cm. 20cm shears are the most common, all around shears, most of your scissoring will be done with these on bichons, poodles, puppy cuts on Lhasas, etc.


Smaller shears of 15-18cm are good for small dogs or small areas, inside a toy poodle’s hind legs, for instance.


Very small shears such as the 10cm are useful for close work around eyes, or for edging just the tips of the ears.


The larger shears are great for a puppy cut on an old english sheepdog or a standard poodle.There are two styles of straight shear in the 20-25cm lengths.


You can get the standard, fairly narrow blade that is suitable for most light or fine coats, (bichon, lhasa, min. poodle) or a wider blade shear often called an 88 pattern or a Filipino style that is more suitable for heavy or coarse coats (old english sheepdog, standard poodle, portuguese water dog and Cockers in a field trim).


Curved shears also come in a variety of lengths. Although a good groomer can certainly scissor any shape with straight shear, including a curve or circle, most of us find it easier with curved shears. Scissoring a poodle’s topknot and tail or setting the angulations on a Bichon are much easier with a 17-20cm curved shear.


Thinning shears have a cutting edge on one blade and teeth on the other. Hair slips between the teeth and is cut an instant later than the hair that rests on top of the teeth, or not cut at all, depending on how many teeth the shear has. The more teeth, the more hair is cut any each stroke. This slight irregularity leaves a more natural look to the finished result. Thinning shears with 40 or more teeth are usually used for thinning of hair (with the grain) or any blending work. Thinning shears with less teeth tend to be used more for bulk thinning on very thick coats, going underneath the surface and against the grain.

Pure Paws is proud to present the 1st shears on the market that combine superior craftsmanship with a uniquely beautiful design. These shears are a work of art. There are many good shears on the market, however we offer the finest craftsmanship available; emphasizing the beauty of the art of grooming.

· Pure Paws shears combine Japanese technology, German craftsmanship and USA’s ingenuity & quality control. This is the 1st line that combines the superior craftsmanship and technologies of 3 countries to create a product that is superior to others.

· These shears are drop forged then ice tempered with specially formulated 440C cobalt vanadium alloy formulated especially for Pure Paws. The result is a lighter but tough shear, flexible enough to prevent the shear from becoming nicked easily and hard enough to keep the shears razor sharp longer.

· Each shear is precision weighted and balanced for smooth scissoring; and ergonomically designed to help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and fatigue before it starts.

· The handles and finger rests are contoured for maximum comfort for both large & small hands. · German craftsmen hand finish and inspect each pair against strict quality standards.

· The click plate finger adjustable screw allow the user to adjust the tension for perfect scissoring according to the hair type.

· 100% Craftsmanship Guaranteed

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