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Alpha Animals and your privacy

Alpha Animals respects the privacy of all the users of this website and we make sure your personal information is handled with care. We use your personal information to handle  your order secure and fast.  We will not sell your personal information to third parties. The only way third parties will be in contact with your information is when they are part off the production or delivery process. 

Alpha Animals uses your information to offer the following services:
If you place an order, we need your name, email address, delivery address and payment information to make sure you receive your order.
To make shopping at Alpha Animals a good experience, we save with your approval your information while you are visiting With this information we improve our website and the service we deliver you. 
When registering at Alpha Animals we save your information via a Secure Server. At your registration we save your information so you don't have to fill this information time and time again when ordering on 
The information we receive via our website and in the form of feedback we use to improve our website to make it more convenient and pleasant to be used by you!

Alpha Animals will not sell your personal information
Alpha Animals will not sell your personal information and use it with respect and only to  produce and deliver your order. Our employees and possible used third  parties who are involved with production or delivery of the Alpha Animals products are obliged to use your information with respect and in form with Dutch privacy and internet laws. 

Your personal information is safe at Alpha Animals
We are honored with the trust you give us by providing us with your personal information. We handle your personal information with care. An example is when you are placing an order you will use a Secure Socket Layer, a modern technology which secures a safe connection. 

Cookies are little pieces of information your browser saves on your personal computer. Alpha Animals uses cookies to recognize you on your next visit. Cookies give us information to improve our website to make it more convenient for your use.  You can install your browser in a way that visiting websites like will not receive cookies.
If you have any further questions concerning our Privacy Policy please contact us via the contact information on this website. You can change your personal information when you login into your account.

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