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Handmade unique work of recreating grace and grandeur of the unique dog.



- Natalia's Dolls are build out of plastic;

- For the eyes natural pearls are used;

- The artwork is hand-painted with acrylic paints and varnish;

- Material for hair is - a non-polluting fibre which is used for hairdresser's works - a hair extension, weaving of the African plaits. For some breeds natural dog hair is used from the own grooming salon. 

The height of the dolls is 20-25 centimeter

The weight is up to 1 kilograms.

Colours - corresponds to breed dogs and can be gold, yellow, black, black with silver, black and tan, spotties.

The doll is an art piece and can not be used by children as a toy.


All breeds possible. In this category you can view a few models which have already been made and sold.

No products exist within this category.

Maintenance of a Alpha Animals Natalia's Doll


Apply dry cleaning with a soft cloth of natural fibers. Do not use water, alcohol, acetone.

Keep away from fire and do not let it drop or hit it.

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Finnish Laphund
Finnish Laphund
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