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Dog Ovulation Detector

€ 375,00

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Dog Ovulation Detector

The detector is a portable device that helps to determinie the optimal time for mating.
The dog ovulation tester is a small, portable and very versatile instrument which is powered by a common 9V battery.
It gives readouts of electrical resistance of vaginal mucus which undergoes characteristic changes during the course of heat.
The ovulation tester for dogs enables:
  • exclusion of multiple mating of the bitch
  • identification of so called “false heat”
  • elimination of problems associated with disorders during heat 
  • time saving 
  • great reduction in financial costs of multiple mating. 
The Ovulation Detector for dogs has given favourably results in tests at the Obstetrics Department. of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Agriculture and Technology, Olsztyn, Poland.
The advantages of using the detector have also been confirmed by research carried out at the university in Giessen, Germany.
How to use the Dog Ovulation Detector:

 Frequent questions and answers:

Q. How does it work? It Is by means of temperature?
A. No, the measuring the electrical resistance of the vaginal mucus close to the cervix.
Q. how accurate is it?
A. very accurate and constant when correctly used.
Q. can my bitch hurt?
A. no or you need heavy-handed and not caution gaaan. Compare the probe (length and diameter) with the penis of a male (even at very small breeds). It is about 12.5 cm lenag and has a smaller diameter than a pencil.
Q. does it really work?
A. Yes it works fantastic and we have breeder who now nest having good size where they previously came even up no coverage.
Q. I get the probe only 2,5 cm in
A. This is because the degree that allows you to insert the probe is not correct and you try to set the probe parallel to the backbone to bring in instead of the sheath to follow. Imagine the degree of the stud dog of the bottom of penitreert, about 25 to 45 °. Some bitches is the degree of the sheath is very steep, sometimes even vertical.
Sometimes in the beginning of the loopsehid are some bitches a bit dry. Make the probe a little wet with water, open the vulva for sight with the finger and so be careful the probe in the vulva. If the bitch sametrekt, keep Hey device and push spot not further up the bitch relaxes. Once that happened so be careful and probe further than easy glijk in the sheath. Do not use a Gel or vasiline because that can affect the measurements.
V. all my measurements are low (never more than 150 to 200). Why?
A. usually it's because the probe deep enough entered word. (E.g. right but into the vulva) and not the mucus becomes what the ovulation detector needs in order to carry out measurements. Also the salt of the urine can involed with the measurements. Or, you bitch is not LOOPS!!
Q. How do we know when the probe in the right place?
A. the probe should be inserted where one feels a small resistance which means that the probe the neck of the cervix. This is about 3/5 of the length of the probe (e.g. 7.5 cm in the bitch, the rest outside the bitch). There is the sondekop at the place which contains most of the mucus and is therefore the most accurte and constant measurements. The position is slightly adjusted to the size of the bitch. Also, there are bitches that already have a full disclosure and have little resistance, though remains the 3/5 rule.
Q. how vaaak measurements should happen?
A. the best daily and around the same time. Once the values begin to rise it is wise to 2, 3 or 4 times a day to do measurements to the perfect peak moment and the perfect time to cover.
Q. how long should the probe in the bitch stay?
A. bring the probe in and let him the body temperature of adopt the bitch, which normally takes a few seconds. After the metinge nzich stabilize, which, in turn, but takes a few seconds, you can do the probe measurements and uninstall it. Don't forget to write down the value.
Q. how quickly stabilize the values on the screen?
A. it takes approximately 2 to 3 seconds
Q. What is the probe created and it will easily break?
A. the probe is of a special high-quality plastic created plyamide which is not porous, very duurzaaam and long battery life and is certified by the food industry.
Q. I get indiscriminate high measurements. Why?
A. usually it's because the probe tever inserted (the entire length is in the body), so the probe goes beyond the cervix and past the vaginal mucus.
Q. how to know the difference between the false and true peak.
A. the false peak can be a small increase/reduction or even a high but regardless of the value, the false peak happened usually between day 3 and 5 of the estrous cycle.
V. What should be the maximum peak measurement?
A. Some bitches are peikmetinge at 400, 600, 750 to others or even 1000 and more. The belangrikste thing to remember is that you are looking for the peak measurement and subsequent decline rather than to a specific value.
Q. my bitch has the peak of 600 not reached. I expected for the ovulation warde and have missed.
A. the instructions says you that the peak can be higher or lower than the example displayed word. Look for the drop after the peak measurement.
Q. my bitch is still red but the ovulation detector telling me to cover.
A. Trust ovulation detector. He tells you what actually happened hormonally compared the Visual.
V. the time to cover? In between or early/late?
A. the creators declare that the bste time to cover within 24 hours after the peak measurement is and at the latest 48 hours.
Q. do the battery from the device to be taken if it is not used?
A. No, only to replace him.
Q. How can ovulation detector if you rotate the button?
A. you first ovulation detector rotates and after a few full rotations if you push the button.
Q. How do you clean the appliance?
A. with a good ontwsmettingsmiddel as hibiscrub, dettol (diluted) clean sweep, rinse with water, drying and storage.
V. Find bitches be difficult?
A. Every bitch is different and some bitches accepted it immediately, others are a little confused and worried. About the same reaction as to a stud for the first time. The only problem is if you're the probe in the wrong grade.
Q. can you use the appliance nop bitches that loops are not?
A. Yes, but you'll see that the vulva is too dry and so not easy in the probe.
Q. what happens with the metinge once the bitch ovuleerd?
A. the figure shows that the hormone released when ovulation tweegbrengt. Then the values gradually down on a short time to eventually a value to get that smooth remains.
Q. can a bitch by her estrous cycle go without you ovulate?
A. Some bitches are going to speak, by a normal estrous cycle and exhibit signs such as blood loss, swelling etc. but have apparently not a "normal" estrous cycle. The values often remain between 200 and 250.
Q. How do I know when my bitch has reached its peak?
A. through regular measurements and a value of 2, 3 to 4 times per day go up until the moment that they are 2, 3 to 4 times constan remains.
Q. How do I know that the battery should be replaced?
A. appears on the screen: "lo bat".
Q. can I only do this?
A. Yes, but as with a coverage is a second person to the bitch quiet easy and assured you that the measurement calm and steadfast happened.
Q. how long is the warranty
A. 2 years
Q. can also be used on other animals such as sheep, pigs, horses, goats and cattle?
A. Yes but alternative detectors with relevant probes are created for these animals
Q. how long does the appliance?
A. sometimes have to say but bj gently used, possibly lifelong.

Dog Ovulation Detector

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