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Alpha Animals holding manages the exclusive premium brands True Iconic and Magical Touch. We supply to other distributors, salons and resellers. As a reseller of Alpha Animals may carry all these brands. We are always looking for resellers and salons that carry our brands want. We also offer the opportunity to our formula as a franchisee may enter.

We work with various client groups Breeders and Wholesale. For businesses, we offer 15% discount on all your purchases at Alpha Animals f the brands True Iconic and Magical Touch with no minimum purchase. On other products, no discount unless specifically stated. The discount is automatically deducted at checkout with the total amount.

Condition is that when creating your account, you have a valid business tax nr. which is from a relevant business. Relevant business is a groomer, grooming school, dog bed / shelter, vet, animals (web) shop. We will check this VAT on the basis of the company information and EU VAT control system. If this is correct then in the corresponding customer will be put in the discount group of wholesale and you can enjoy the 15% discount.

If you are interested in the brands of Alpha Animals to resell, we have separate pricelists at ordersizes of a minimum 1000 euro ex. VAT and higher discount for ordersizes of minimum 2500 euro ex vat.

If you are interested please contact us

Alpha Animals reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to make changes to the Wholesale Program.



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