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Buying a dryer is an important investment, whether for daily commercial use in a grooming salon or boarding kennel or pehaps breeding and show kennels where performance is just as important. Our aim is to provide you, the customer, with accurate information to enable you to make the right choice.


What makes one model better than another?


Possibly the most frequently misused information when considering the power of a dryer is the amount of watts quoted by the manufacturer. Watts are simply a measure of electrical consumption. Since a dryer's heating element usually consumes more electricity than it's motor it is quite possible that a professional grooming dryer consuming 2000 watts is capable of drying a dog much faster than a small hand held dryer which is rated at 2700 watts (producing lots of heat but little air).


So the most important ingredient is AIR, preferably lots of it. The temperature of the air must be warm… comfortable for the dog, but never HOT which will damage hair and skin and will not reduce the time needed to dry the animal.

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AA Doubleblaster
AA Doubleblaster
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