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Alpha Animals is one of the biggest distributors in the world and we have the complete product line available for you! If you are interested in reselling (shop/grooming salon/reseller/ vet clinic), please Contact us for conditions, or check out for more information: www.purepaws-europe.com

Pure Paws is an animal cosmetics for dogs, cats and horses for use in shows or maintenance grooming. Pure Paws is used by grooming salons, kennels, veterinarians and by pet owners all over the world. The brand was founded by professional groomers, breeders and handlers of dog shows. This brand has grown rapidly since 2000 due to world fame it made with the astonishing results by using the best ingredients, easy to use and good price / quality ratio.


Quality of the fur and skin is genetically inherited, but it varies greatly depending on external factors such as: climate, diet and inappropriate care. The sun, cold, fast-drying hair dryers, dirt or other residue from chemicals can aggravate the hair, dry, tangles and ultimately breaking the hair. Pure Paws products contain no harmful chemical ingredients, alcohol, bleach or dyes that can damage the skin and coat. For these reasons, the cosmetics are used every day.


Pure Paws offers a variety of shampoos, conditioners, sprays and other care products depending on the breed, and what the animal specific needs for the best results. Examples include cleaning, repair, more volume, moisturize, soften, unwieldy, anti-allergy or extra protection. The comprehensive yet simple guide, supported by video images guarantees you can also achieve maximum results.

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